Regulatory Compliance Program

By taking on the task of providing the Regulatory Compliance Coordination for your company, 1 Source OHS will ensure that your facilities, employees, protocols and procedures are 100% compliant within OSHA, State, Federal or any other governing organization’s guidelines and standards.

1 Source OHS will work with your company to gather critical data about their compliance requirements, facilities, employee regulations, exposure levels and variations amongst their various locations.

Once that information is provided, 1 Source OHS has the ability to develop the following procedures:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Periodic
  • Annual
  • Random
  • Exit
  • Peripheral Testing & Surveillance Procedures

These procedures will take into account job position (DOT or non-DOT), tasks, environment, exposure levels and OSHA, State and Federal standards.

Scope of work available includes the following:

  • Developing a “Medical Program” that meets OSHA, State & Federal Standards
  • Oversight of Monitoring Companies
  • Research into OSHA, State, Federal, etc. Guidelines
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Schedule Drug Screens
  • Schedule Exams, Testing & Monitoring
  • Management & Reporting of all Results
  • Physician Review (Physicals and Drug Screens)
  • Billing Consolidation
  • Identification, Training, Administration & Organization of all Clinic Locations
  • Administration & Organization of all Reports, Forms, Protocols & Procedures
1 Source OHS focuses on what you need. We identify, quantify and develop programs that can be utilized and tracked universally amongst your many locations. This allows your company to be as cost effective as possible while maintaining the necessary standards you have to abide by.

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