Occupational Clinic Network

1 Source OHS would be responsible for the identification, training and management of the dedicated occupational clinics selected to treat the employees of your various facilities.

Once a clinic is determined to have met all the necessary criteria, the staff of that facility will be required to complete a one (1) to two (2) day training session which will cover all aspects of the Compliance and Injury Management portions of the clinical services they will be providing on your behalf.

All clinics within your network will be subject to both random inspections as well as annual audits. Based on the reports from the random inspections and annual audits any corrective actions will be implemented. Ensuring the clinics are performing to the standards set forth is critical to the long term success of the program.

Depending on the specific needs of your company 1 Source OHS has the ability to take on the role of Corporate Medical Director. This is to ensure that all the identified medical facilities in your network follow the same protocols, policies, and procedures. The main benefits of 1 Source OHS taking on this role are improved consistency of care, a single point of contact for all critical information, and a reduction of internal manpower needed by your company.

By 1 Source OHS taking on this role it will certify that all the clinics meet or exceed the minimum standards relating to knowledge base, staffing, equipment, and facilities required to properly treat their employees. These facilities will also have a main point of contact in 1 Source OHS to answer any questions and provide clarity on industry specific requirements.

Having the right network of providers to treat your employees is critical. Having a network with the best fundamental knowledge of Occupational Medicine and Worker’s Compensation Injury Care is what allows a company to control their costs and potential negative exposure occurrences.

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