HR/Safety Policy Development

Using our over 20 years of human resource and safety experience 1 Source OHS will assist in the revision and implementation of your employee handbooks. 1 Source OHS will ensure that all aspects are covered and are compliant with your protocols as they relate to your specific industry segment. The HR / Safety Policy Development Program creates the foundation of your infrastructure.

Your workplace is unique and therefore we may need to develop policies very specific to your organization and type of work, for which there are no templates or benchmarks. Typically, policy development will follow the following steps:

Step 1: Establish need for a policy
Step 2: Develop policy content
Step 3: Draft the policy
Step 4: Write the procedure
Step 5: Review of the policy by key parties
Step 6: Approve the policy
Step 7: Implement the policy
Step 8: Policy review and update
Step 9: Communication of changes to the policy

The value and importance in having 1 Source OHS assist in the development of your policies is as follows:

  • Communicate values and expectations for how things are done at your organization
  • Keep the organization in compliance with legislation and provide protection against employment claims
  • Document and implement best practices appropriate to the organization
  • Support consistent treatment of staff, fairness and transparency
  • Help management to make decisions that are consistent, uniform and predictable
  • Protect individuals and the organization from the pressures of expediency
Creating a safety minded culture and an understanding in the work place environment is critical. Developing a solid HR / Safety Handbook sets the expectations as well as the policies & procedures for which those employees will perform. Clear & defined protocols are critical for good communication between employer and employee. Good communication leads to adherence to policy which makes you a cost effective company.

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