Functional Assessment & Testing

Accurate Functional Assessment & Testing is one of the first steps in preventing injuries in the workplace.

Job Demand Analysis

Job Demands Analysis (JDA) is an evaluation process that examines and quantifies the physical demands required to perform a specific job or position within an organization. The validation and analysis portion of the JDA is performed onsite and includes a combination of still photos, videotaping and/or systematic observation.


Ergonomic Assessments

Studies have repeatedly shown that poorly designed ergonomics in the workplace can result in productivity decline, injury, and disability. To ensure that equipment and processes are properly engineered for maximum operator health, safety, comfort, and production, 1 Source OHS provides a broad spectrum of ergonomic consulting and training services.


Job Site Analysis

Job Site Analysis (JSA) is an objective evaluation of the tasks of a job which identifies postures, movements, forces, repetitions, loads and other physical demands of each job task. The physical environment in which the job occurs is also documented, including work station dimension and layout, equipment, tools and any other factors which affect workers.


Physical Demands Analysis

A Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) is a systematic procedure to quantify, and evaluate all of the physical and environmental demand components of all essential and non-essential tasks of a job. A PDA is a process of establishing what a job is and is the “cornerstone” of the analytical process used to determine compatibility between a worker and a specific job.


Preventing injuries from happening is the key. By using Functional Assessment & Testing 1 Source OHS will focus on this task. By maximizing an employee’s interaction with their work environment utilizing ergonomic principles we can reduce injuries. The development of a job specific ergonomic assessment ensures you only hire those candidates who possess the physical attributes to do that job.

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