What if we’re a small company, may I still utilize your services?

Yes, you may. We can provide services for any size company.

How long does it take to setup a clinic in my area?

Typically it takes 24 hours to identify a clinic in your area. However, we ask for a 30 day provision to ensure proper training and implement necessary policies and procedures.

If our employee has a DOT physical, how long does it take to receive all of the results?

Depending on the appointment time, typical delivery of DOT documentation in the same day, however guaranteed within 24 hours.

Will you manage our OSHA 300 Log?

No, we will not manage your companies’ OSHA 300 Log. However, we will work closely with the appointed personal to insure compliance of your OSHA 300 Log.

Are we able to access all of our employee medical records online?

YES. Once you become a part of 1 Source OHS you will be given a specific Log in and Password. This will provide you with access to all of your employees’ medical records. You also have the options to print several of the documents in their PDF form. Our industry leading Secure Client Access technology allows pre-approved third parties (such as employers, insurance carriers, case manager, and healthcare practitioners) view-only access to applicable data via the internet. Currently the available information includes patient-specific injury, treatment, and drug screen information.  This is done through a secure encrypted connection.

Do you provide 24 hour services?

YES. Our staff is available to provide injury management 24 hours a day. If an injury requires immediate medical attention we will direct you to a designated clinic or emergency facility for treatment provided you have retained 1 Source OHS for these services.

If I have a clinic in my area that I currently work with, may I continue to still utilize them?

YES. 1 Source OHS will audit your current facility to ensure the needs of your company are being met at an expectable level. If needed, 1 Source OHS can provide training on Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Injury Management.

How much Clinical support does 1 Source OHS have?

We currently have (8) Case Managers, (4) Physicians, and a Clinical Director who all specialize in occupational medicine.

How much Technological support does 1 Source OHS offer?

We employ the services of Industrial Hygienists, Environmental Health and Safety Specialists, Project Managers and Industrial Safety and Technology experts.

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